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CDM853 Wheel Loader Supply by Fullwon

Bucket Capacity: 2.7m³
Rated Payload: 5000kg
Traction Force: 155±3kN
Operating Weight: 15800±300kg
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CDM853 wheel loader supply by Fullwon

A Overall   Height – Bucket Raised mm 5283
B Bucket   Pin Height at Max. Lift mm 4136
C Dump   Clearance at Max. Lift ( 45°) mm 3078
D Reach   at Max. Lift and 45° Dump mm 1190
E Rack   Back Angle at Carry ° 48.3
F Rack   Back Angle at Ground ° 45
G Digging   Depth mm 45
H Rack   Back Angle at Max. Lift ° 52.6
I Dump   Angle at Max. Lift ° 45
J Carry   Height mm 400
K Ground   Clearance mm 556
L Center   Line of Front Axle to Hitch mm 1120
M Wheel   Base mm 2930
N Overall   Length mm 7760
O Departure   Angle ° 28.6
P Height   to Top of Cab mm 3380
Q Overall   Width over Bucket mm 3000
R Min.   Turning Radius over Bucket mm 6805
S Min.   Turning Radius over Tires mm 6182(Front   Tire)
5957(Rear Tire)
T Steering   Angle – Left/Right ° 35
U Width   at Tread Center mm 2240
V Overall   Width over Tires mm 2835
Bucket Capacity 2.7m³
Rated Payload 5000kg
Operating Weight 15800±300kg
Traction Force 155±3kN
Breakout Force 155±3kN
L×W×H 7760×3000×3380mm
Maker/Model WEICHAI/WD10G220E21
Emission Standard EPA   (TierⅡ)/NationalⅡ
Engine Type 4   Stroke,Turbocharged,Water-cooled,Direct Injection,Diesel Engine
Rated Power 162kW(220hp)/2200rpm
Maximum Torque 860N·m/1400-1600rpm
Bore x Stroke (mm) 126×130
No. of Cylinders/Displacement 6/9.726L
Compression Ratio 17
Air Cleaner Three   Stage Air Cleaner with Cyclone Pre-cleaner
Alternator 55Amp
Battery 2-24V/120Ah
Starting Motor 24V/7.5kW
Heating Capacity (W) 5000W
Cooling Capacity (W) 4700W
Transmission Type Planetary   Powershift Transmission
Shift Type Mechanical   Powershift Control
Pressure of Transmission 1.2-1.5MPa
Torque Converter Type Single-stage,Duo-turbine,4-element
Torque Ratio 4
Axles Rigid   Front Axle&Oscillating Rear Axle
Rear Axle Oscillation (°) ±10°
Differential Conventional
Main Reducer Spiral   Bevel,1-stage Reduction
Final Reducer Planetary   Reduction
Tire 23.5-25   L-3 16PR TT
Travel Speeds km/h 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Forward 11.5 36

Reverse 16

Service Brake Single   Circuit Caliper,Dry Brake
Setting Pressure 0.70-0.78MPa
Parking Brake Flexible   Shaft Controlled Caliper Brake
Emergency Brake Flexible   Shaft Controlled Caliper Brake
Type Hydraulic   Load Sensing System
Pump Gear   Pump,152L/min·2200rpm
System Pressure 15MPa
Cylinder Type Double   Acting
Bore x Stroke 2-90×324mm
Steering Angle ±35°
Type Single-lever(Joystick)   Control
Pump Gear   Pump,190L/min·2200rpm
Control Valve 2   Spool (Bucket&Boom)
System Pressure 16MPa
Cylinder Lift   Cylinder 2-160×836mm
No.-Bore x stroke Tilt   Cylinder 1-180×559mm
Joystick Control Pressure 2.5MPa
Cycle Time Raise Dump Lower Total
(Sec) 6 1.2 4.3 11.5
Fuel Tank (L) 280L
Hydraulic Tank (L) 245/250(3rd   Spool for Auxiliary Function)L
Crankshaft (L) 20L
Transmission (L) 46L
Front Axle/Rear Axle (L) 28L/28L

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The Fullwon Group was founded in 1999, and is a comprehensive company integrating commercial vehicle sales, construction equipment sales, parts sales, and after-sales service. We also offer logistics customs clearance, transportation, import-export trading, and Internet information technology in Shanghai China. The core products of Fullwon are commercial vehicles and accessories, logistics import and export trading are our main businesses.

Since 1999, after 20 years of effort, we have become a leading accredited corporation in the field of commercial vehicles in China.  Fullwon has first-class workshops, advanced maintenance testing equipment and a professional technical maintenance team; we also have a dedicated after-sales service network system and logistics storage system.  Fullwon conducts various professional technical training for maintenance staff of commercial vehicles from different brands, to ensure the quality of maintenance, associated with our first class products.

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