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Fullwon Aftercare Service
We’re with you all the way.
When you invest in a new Fullwon truck, you’re also investing in top-quality after sales service.
Fullwon Customer support is dedicated to keeping your vehicles where they belong – on the road, earning money.
The Fullwon Customer Support operation is staffed by people who understand the truck and equipment business. They realize the importance of a prompt response, ensuring that vital parts are delivered promptly to your location from our many suppliers of genuine OEM parts.
With our unrivalled knowledge of Fullwon products, the parts team helps ensures you can identify the correct part, at the most competitive prices and have it in your hands, FAST!
Fullwon Aftercare service offers you a solution for just about any aspect of keeping your vehicles and equipment, and your business, successfully on the road. Mechanical servicing and inspections, are all basic constituents of the Fullwon Service and we provide a much wider service than just looking after your Fullwon products, in fact, we can provide just about everything you need. Our skill base extends across all facets of maintaining Fullwon trucks, equipment and most commercial vehicles and we can greatly assist in easing the burden of running your business.
Training and Preventive Maintenance:
Fullwon shares its knowledge to clients in terms of how important and valuable the training given to its Drivers and Mechanics. Specifically it focuses on:
a.Cost Saving Strategies
-Fullwon provides techniques on how to save cost and reduce downtime of your units with our 24/7 on call Engineer ready for consultation and provides services to our clients. 

-Fullwon has impartial knowledge on safety measures to clients to prevent and lessen accidents as much as possible.

c.Efficiency of the Equipment
- Routine stocking of parts and daily monitoring of equipment, wherein Fullwon can supply the parts needed on a same day delivery service. We also offer preventive maintenance checklist’s for the routine checking of Lubes, Fuel and Fluids before dispatching the equipment for service

d.Improved Liabilities
-Fullwon helps clients to be more profitable and have a reliable business partner for their customers, wherein customers can count on a company to deliver products, materials and service on time.  This helps our Clients improve their reputation as well. Remember! Trucks and equipment in your workshop for repair, are not contributing to your profit! ONLY LOSS OF PROFITS! 
Having this kind of training provided by Fullwon, benefits the business specifically the clients as well as the operating staff.  Fullwon benefits the client’s business performance and profits, and at the same time staff morale. For workers specifically drivers and mechanics, they acquire new skills and techniques given by Fullwon, to increase their contribution to the business and build their self-esteem.
In summary, Fullwon provides our full attention to the client’s needs and sustains the relationship with them at all times.
FW Aftercare valued-added services
To face global markets sales, except complete equipment sales, FW pay more attention to technology consultation and after-sale service. Technician overseas market technical guidance and training service, complete and scientific spare parts supply system are provided by us to meet different purchasing requirements from clients. 
Once you purchase our products, you will have following valued-added services:
1)Guidance on the maintenance and equipment repair.
2)Solution on the usage of equipment.
3)Guidance and management solution for your existing equipments.
4)Guidance and solution on the establishment of maintenance workshop.
5)Advanced technical solution provided by our senior engineer to improve equipment usage.
6)Product consulting service and technical training service. 

In business, time is money. And if you run a fleet of vehicles, downtime represents lost revenue. That’s why, to well maintain your vehicle is essential to cover your vehicles against breakdowns and accidents.

In the event of an accident or damage or breakdown of your vehicles, please provide“ FULLWON Vehicle Failure and Damage Registration form”. Please make sure the information of this form is true and correct, so FW can provide a quick response to provide a correct solution to assist your vehicle damage or trouble. This form can be provided by e-mail, letter, telephone, and fax. FW ensure to provide solutions within 24 hours when we receive this form from clients.
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