Fullwon group offers everlasting service !
After 15-years of experience in the truck and construction equipment industry, Fullwon overseas business has a team of 3 workshops, 3 overseas branches and 2 overseas warehouses. Our workshops are located all around China and they cover an area of more than 22,000 square meters. With a hundred workshop workers’ team, a 24-7, service is provided to all of our clients in the world.
Geng Jiakang
Head of FUDAN University EMBA Logistics Supply Chain Association
Founder of Fullwon Group in 1999
Found more than 25 companies in Fullwon Group
Yu qiuxia
GM of Overseas Business
Chairman of Fullwon Phillipines Enterprises Ltd Inc. 
Cofounder of Fullwon Group
Manage several subsidiaries in Fullwon Group
Stephen Cann
South Pacific Business Manager
General Manager of Fullwon Phillipines Enterprises Ltd Inc.
Board member of Fullwon Phillipines Enterprises Ltd Inc.
Manage Fullwon Philippines subsidiary in Fullwon Group
Charles Martin Martinière
International Business Manager
Master Degree
Manage Fullwon Africa business in Fullwon Group.
Chen Yi
Sales Director
Commerial vehicle aftermarket spares specialist
Manage Fullwon overseas sales team in Fullwon Group.
Assistant of GM overseas business
Head of sales support team
Efficiency and cost control is my commitment to the company.
Deng Qing
Head of service engineer
Commerial vehicle aftermarket specialist
Fullwon aftersales service, save money from a trusted supplier.
Jethro Tan
Office manager of Fullwon Philippines subsidiary
Manage Fullwon Philippines office operation in Fullwon Group.
A great company has a great service, we deliver.

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