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FAQ Center

  • Q Does your product have guaranteed?

    Depend on products, all quality are guaranteed, if you have any doubt, inform us in time, we are pleasure to serve for you.
  • Q Do you provide additional service? Purchase something for us and arrange shipment?

    A Yes, of course. When you want to buy something beyond our business range, you can show us more details of your request, then we can do for you.
  • Q If I wanna purchase spare parts from your company, could I get sample before trial order?

    A Yes.
  • Q Does your company has website?

    A Yes, of course. Our website is www.fullwontruck.com, if you have any questions of our company, pls visit our website to know more.
  • Q Do you accept OEM service?

    A Yes, of course, any demand, we can discuss, we will try to meet your request.
  • Q How to purchase spare parts from your company?

    A We will send you one spare parts inquiry form, spare parts name, spare parts number, truck model and engine model need provide to make sure spare parts are correct. Any questions, you can contact our service staff.
  • Q Is the cab comfortable?

    A If the operator is going to be spending significant time in the skid steer, then you should make sure it is comfortable. Operator fatigue can be worsened by long hours in uncomfortable equipment, and can result in expensive and fatal errors. If they will be getting in and out of the machine repeatedly, check out how hard that is going to be. These may seem like minor details, but they can have a big impact on how productive the operator can be with that machine.
  • Q Do I a need vertical lift skid steer or radial lift skid steer?

    A Another question involves whether you need a vertical lift or a radial lift. If most of your applications are at eye level or above, you probably want to stick to a vertical lift machine. They excel at lift and place type applications and can lift heavier loads than radial lift machines. If you work a great deal with buckets and attachments where the majority of the work involves digging in the ground, a radial lift might be a better option. Radial lifts typically provide a better visibility and longer reach in front of the machine.

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