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  • Q How to select the right knuckle boom cranes ?

    A Below are some factors you should consider before selecting one:
    Load capacity: Look for the crane having a load capacity needed for your business. Lifting strength and arm reach are two factors with which you can start the search.
    Truck chassis should match crane: The truck chassis should be strong enough to hold out the weight of crane it is carrying
    Controls: Radio and wireless remote control units are popular these days than any other manual, on-truck control methods.
    Outriggers: All knuckle boom crane trucks should have outriggers installed specially the electronic ones. With new outriggers setting up any crane truck has become faster, more precise and easier than manual pull-out outriggers.
  • Q How to choose our forklift?

    A Before recommend you forklift,these info should be provided, tons request, lifting height etc.
  • Q How to choose our cargo truck?

    A Will be necessary to tell us all details of your request, including steering wheel, loading weight, cargo material,road condition, budget etc,then we will recommend you the most suitable cargo truck.
  • Q How about your products quality?

    A All products we supply are excellent, because we have professional engineers and system to support.
  • Q Can you supply the spare parts of the truck?

    A Yes,we can supply the spare parts for all the trucks we selling.We have excellent spare parts chain system,once you need spare parts,we will supply immediately. 
  • Q What is the Ergonomics?

    A High quality adjustable seating is important as forklift operators are sitting in their machines for hours at a time.
    Investing in quality ergonomics will lessen the likelihood of injuries, such as back pain, which can be caused by repetitive tasks performed in uncomfortable seating.

  • Q What is the Tyre selection ?

    A There are various types of tyres available for forklifts. The most common are solid or pneumatic, but there are also white non-marking tyres and cushioned tyres – each with their own specific use and suited to certain environments.
     Choosing the right tyres will impact on your forklift’s handling and safety.
    For more information, see our Forklift Tyres Guide.

  • Q What is the Fuel type ?

    A There are three types of fuel options – electric, gas or diesel.
    Electric forklifts will cost more initially, but you will reap the rewards over time as they have a longer life span and cheaper consumption compared to other types of forklifts. They also operate very quietly and produce no emissions, therefore are recommended for working indoors or in cold climates.
    Gas or diesel forklifts can lift much bigger loads and move faster. Diesel forklifts are strongly recommended if the forklift will be used for heavy lifting or outdoors.
    With gas forklifts you have the choice of LPG or CNG – both are quick to refuel and have a long lifespan.

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