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Cooperative customer 1
We have cooperated with an Oceania logistics company with long history. This company used to own different brands and models of trucks. But these are old trucks, which need high maintenance cost and need to keep a big amount of parts.
Plan offered by Us:
On-site investigation to confirm the proper configuration 
13 meter trailer→ Difficult steering→ Design a tray truck to solve the problem
Starting Howo while keep using old trucks
Push package delivered with Howo
On-site training and management
Company A and its mother company are satisfied with our customers service. They take part in our annual party every year to show appreciation. 
Now they owned more than 100 Howo trucks and in that area, we have already sold more than 200 units.
Cooperative customer 2
Mining and oil exploitation business
They used to use expensive Europe famous brand oil exploitation facilities. 
These facilities are in big size with high maintenance cost.
we designed self-propelled oil exploitation trucks based on suction -type sewer scavenger.
Enlarge vacuum suction power. 
Installed silencer at the end of vacuum pump.
After our company product design and adjustment, results of a mining group in west Africa:
After the customer received and used these 12 trucks, the feedback was very good. Other companies in the industry have also shown some interest in the product.

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