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Top Ways Technology is Transforming the Truck Industry

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In the past, the transportation industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. However, as drivers and fleets strive to improve safety and productivity, this trend has shifted. Both software and hardware tech upgrades have made major strides toward making trucking safer. The following are the latest innovations revolutionizing the industry.

GPS Tracking

Autonomous Trucks and Platooning Tech

Semi-autonomous and fully autonomous trucks are here to stay. In fact, Nevada authorized semi-autonomous commercial vehicles to transport goods on public highways. In Colorado, an autonomous Anheuser-Busch truck made a 120-mile delivery without a driver behind the wheel. The next step is to combine this technology with platooning. Platooning technology allows self-driving trucks to travel in a pack.

Platooning technology relies on Bluetooth communication between the vehicles. In addition to helping address the driver shortage problem, trucks in platoons will be less prone to accidents. This is because the computer operating the truck is not susceptible to fatigue or distractions. The computer is also able to calculate the most fuel efficient way to travel, which can help save on fuel expenses as well.

Telematics and GPS Tracking

Telematics integrates improved communication tools with GPS devices. It allows fleet managers to monitor driver information in real time, including the driver’s location, traveling speed, and behaviors (i.e. hard braking, speeding, etc.). This allows fleets to target and monitor the overall success of their safety initiatives. Other benefits include:

Improved fuel economy

Reduced theft due to anti-theft technology

Improved customer service

Improved productivity

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