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Is Your Construction Equipment the Right Size?

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Is Your Construction Equipment the Right Size?


What Is the Job?


Deciding which equipment to use depends on the job. The amount of material you need to move and how deep you need to dig, for example, will have an impact on the best equipment for the project. A job that involves moving a large amount of material will need a large, high-capacity excavator. However, a lighter, smaller option provides easier movement around confined working spaces. Always check the needs of the project so that you rent the most suitable equipment.


What Are the Conditions of the Job Site Like?


Equipment size and weight are two important rental considerations, along with levels of speed, power, and mobility. You should carefully think about the environment and work conditions of the job site when deciding what type of equipment to rent. If you’re working in a smaller space, you should measure your equipment to make sure you can easily move it through gate openings and other narrow spaces.


Is a Lightweight Model Suitable?


The most compact and lightweight earthmovers and mini-excavators offer a good option for transporting equipment to and from a construction site. In many cases, they can be moved on and off the site with some types of utility trucks. These compact versions of earthmoving equipment are better equipped for damp and muddy conditions where heavier vehicles may tear up the ground.

A mini excavator is often the right option when access to a construction space is limited and moving around is more difficult. Lighter models provide finer detailing and are less bulky, which can bring a greater flexibility for crews working in a more contained area.


What’s the Scope and Scale of the Project?

For large-scale construction work, you want suitably sized equipment. For example, you’ll need a large excavator for major construction and demolition work. Smaller models are not as efficient at moving high volumes of material around a site.


Go for larger, full-sized excavators and earthmovers when speed and power are important parts of the job. Skimping on power and size is not a good idea when your job needs a high level of productivity and output.


What Size Attachments Will You Use with the Equipment?


The type of attachments used with a piece of equipment will make some difference in its working performance. The type of attachments you choose to use with a machine will affect how well you can complete excavation and demolition jobs, for example. Usually, the manufacturer of any attachments will be the same as the equipment itself to secure maximum operating efficiency.

How High or Low Do You Need to Reach?

If you need to get a job done above ground level, you will need special equipment such as an aerial boom lift. The types of boom lifts are categorized into one of two types: a telescopic boom lift made up of a single extendable arm and an articulated boom lift featuring segmented arms.

Which type of lift equipment you’ll use depends on the environment and organization of the work site. A telescopic lift is often used in wide, open spaces with jobs that require closer access to the type of work you’re doing. An articulating boom lift provides dexterity when you need to move around the landscape or fit equipment into tighter spaces.


What Are the Weather Conditions Like at the Job Site?


You should always take into account the role weather plays in your work. You’ll need to use suitable storage facilities in case heavy rain or snowfall is forecasted, and you want to make sure the equipment you rent will fit into storage areas. Strong wind currents could also affect the flexibility of working with lighter equipment models.

Many types of equipment manufactured today provide comfortable enclosed cabin space for workers, and they also come with heating and temperature controls. Enclosed cabins for excavators are often a good option when working in dusty and windy conditions.

As you can see, you need to take many factors into account when you rent construction equipment. But determining what size of equipment you need is the most important factor of all.


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