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How to Select the Farm Tractor?

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The farm tractor is common in agrimotor. Today we will introduces the types of farm tractors and how to choose suitable agricultural tractors.

Types of Farm Tractors

The agricultural tractor is always divided into three types: hand-held tractors, wheel tractors and crawler tractors. 

1) Hand-held agricultural tractors: they are mainly used for farmland operations and short-distance transportation operations in small fields, which are generally used in rural areas in the south China. 

2) Wheeled tractors: they are divided into small four-wheel tractors with belt drive and direct-transfer tractors. They are mainly used in rural areas in northern China. Large-scale wheeled tractors are suitable for large-scale farmland production. 

3) Crawler tractors: since they can be equipped with dozer blades, they are widely used in farmland infrastructure construction and water conservancy projects. 

The following is mainly about the common sense of how to buy small four-wheel tractors.

How to Select Farm Tractors?

1) The Choice of The Whole Machine Type

Small-wheel tractors with belt drive are usually referred to those small four-wheel tractors. In recent years, small four-wheel tractors are mainly 15 horsepower (11.03 kW) and 18 horsepower (13.2 kW). Small four-wheel tractors of 20 horsepower and 12 horsepower are less in the market. There are two types of diesel engines installed on small four-wheel tractors, one is evaporative water-cooled diesel engine and the other is circulating water-cooled diesel engine. Since the two types of diesel engines are different in structure and the parts are not interchangeable, you should choose the type of diesel engine commonly used in your area when purchasing the tractor, which is very important for future repair and maintenance.

2) How to Choose

①Select the brand-name products. 

Since brand-name products are recognized by the public in long-term use, or approved by authoritative departments (such as the farm machinery promotion license products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture), their products are of reliable quality, advanced performance and large product coverage. Their after-sales service is good.

② Check the appearance. 

A. The paint should be bright and even, it can not have peeling, falling off. 

B. The surface of the casting should be flat, without cracks. The appearance of the sheet metal should be smooth, and the surface of the plated part should be bright and free of rust. 

C. The surface of the tire should be smooth, the pattern is regular, and there is no bubbling or cracking.

③ Check the safety protection device and check whether the safety warning sign is complete. 

A. Check the starting shaft head of the engine. The end of the shaft head cannot be higher than the plane of the engine box. 

B. Pulleys and belts must have a protective cover. 

C. There should be a protective cover on the exhaust pipe. 

D. Steps and pedals on the tractor should have non-slip flanges or ribs. 

E. The shaft head of the power output shaft must have a protective cover. 

F. On operating devices where the steering direction is not obvious, there should be a sign indicating the direction.

④ Check the operating mechanism. 

A. Throttle and tie rod connection is reliable, try to step without stopping and touching. 

B. Push the main shift levers and auxiliary shift levers according to the operating procedure to confirm that they are reliable. 

C. When the front wheel is not moving, the free steering angle should be less than 30 degrees.

⑤ Test the car. 

A. Check the engine oil height, fuel and cooling water. 

B. When the outdoor temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, start three times in succession, and two of them should be successfully started in 30 seconds. 

C. Under the medium throttle for 10 minutes, the smoke and engine sound should be continuous and smooth. 

D. After 10 minutes, the throttle should be reduced as much as possible, running at low speed (idle speed), and the engine sound should be smooth. 

E. Gradually increase the throttle, the engine sound should be stable, and when the throttle is maximum, no black smoke will be emitted.

⑥ Stop the tractor and check the water leakage and oil leakage. 

Observe that the joint interface of the rotating parts should be free of dripping and flowing. Touching the static joint interface, there should be no wet.

⑦ Check random attachments, certificates and documents. 

Product Certification, Agricultural Machinery Promotion License, "Three Guarantees" Certificate (Service Card), Instruction Manual and Maintenance Manual.

3) After-sales Service 

According to the state's "three guarantees" of the product, users should pay special attention to the following provisions.

No company is allowed to sell products that do not meet the legal label and counterfeit and shoddy products.

When buying a tractor, the sales company should submit the inspection to the farmer, and check the on-board tools, accessories and spare parts according to the packing list. Let the farmers check the appearance quality of the product and test the car. At the same time, introduce the common sense of product use, repair and maintenance.

Proactively provide farmers with invoices printed by the fiscal and taxation department.

Inform the "three guarantees" , maintenance address and contact information to the farmers.

The repairer shall bear the free repair and related toll repair business within the validity period of the "three guarantees".

The "three guarantees" of small tractors and diesel engines machines are valid for 9 months, and the main components are 1.5 years.

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