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Axle ratio is important because it helps determine how much towing capacity, torque, or fuel economy a truck is going to get. A vehicle with a higher numerical axle ratio will have more towing capacity. However, with the added towing capacity comes decreased fuel economy and a lower top speed. A smaller axle ratio will increase fuel economy but lack the additional torque and power.

Picking the right axle ratio all depends on what you plan on using your truck or rig for. Do you plan on frequently off-roading and need a higher amount of torque at slower speeds? Or maybe you don’t really need any extra power but would rather have a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Some automobile manufacturers allow you to upgrade to a different axle ratio depending on your needs. For instance, the JL Wrangler Rubicon has 4.10 axle ratios in the front and rear, which is different than the 3.45 axle ratios found in the less expensive Sahara and Sport editions.

Many off-road enthusiasts choose to upgrade their axle ratios for performance benefits. However, there are some downsides to going larger when it comes to axle ratio. Although having a higher numerical axle ratio will give you more power, it will affect your top speed as you won’t be able to go as fast. Even though you may not be able to go as fast, you will have better initial acceleration. Along with decreased top speed numbers, having a higher axle ratio will also hurt your fuel economy. Because your engine’s RPMs will be higher, fuel consumption will increase. In addition to higher RPMs, the differential will take longer to complete a full rotation, which adversely affects gas mileage as well.

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