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How to Choose the Right Dump Body

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Selecting the proper dump truck body for your business is important. A dump truck body is used in a number of industries, from construction sites to lawn care businesses. They may serve your company in a number of ways, from excavating to hauling more material. Whether you are using a dump truck for landscaping, construction work, or snow removal, it is vital that you select the dump body for your requirements.


Kinds of Dump Trucks

There will include different kinds of bodies for dump trucks. Every dump body will have a certain set up and will operate a specific way. The side dump truck, transfer dump truck, and standard dump truck have a certain use and in some instances, certain limits to what they are able to do.

Standard dump trucks will have a truck chassis that has a dump bed connected, as well as a vertical hydraulic lift at its bulkhead. These types of trucks have an axle at their front and extra axles at their rear. Generally, the maneuverability is fairly good, yet soft ground ought to be avoided.

Transfer dump trucks include standard trucks that have separate trailers which haul a container that is filled with gravel, sand, or additional substances. The combination will increase hauling capacity without having to affect the capability of maneuvering. It’s possible to add several containers; but, states might prohibit this based upon weight limitations. Checking on your area’s state regulations prior to adding cargo containers at a certain job is critical.

Side dump trucks permit dumping to either side utilizing hydraulic rams and contain a 2-axle semi-trailer that has a 3-axle tractor. These types of trucks have the capability of carrying heavy loads and unloading quickly. Even though this kind doesn’t tip over easily, it may if dumping is stopped prior to being finished unloading. Its maneuverability is restricted.

Dump Bodies for Commercial or Residential Use

HD Dump Body

This body type is for heavy-duty commercial use. It’s is the most durable, strongest aluminum dump body in the truck body marketplace– and it might be the strongest dump body within its segment.

Eco Dump Body

This body type is a lighter body that is a less expensive choice for light commercial use or residential use.

Weight Restrictions and Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity of dump trucks will refer to the volume and weight it is able to handle. It is critical to just haul the specified quantity the body is rated for, otherwise the dump truck is going to experience unneeded wear and tear. Overfilling the dump body also may cause a truck to deteriorate at a faster rate over a period of time from the excessive weight. Typically, light-duty dump bodies will have a volume capacity rating that ranges from 2 yards up to 4 yards, depending on the side wall height and body length, in conjunction with the hoist rating and available payload.

A dump truck is prohibited from traveling on certain kinds of roads, because of weight limitations. It is vital that you research if the dump truck your business is considering is going to have the ability to haul loads on any accessibility bridges and roads you might have to frequent. To decrease excess damage to federal roads, federal law will limit the gross weight of a truck based upon the spacing and number of axles. The shorter a distance between rear and front axles and the less axles, the lower a weight allowed per axle. The maximum permittable weight is 34,000 lbs. for a tandem axle, as well as 20,000 lbs. for a single axle.


Dump trucks may serve your company in many ways, which makes it more effective. From eliminating wear and tear on additional work vehicles to hauling more materials, a dump body may be a valuable investment. Selecting the proper dump truck body for your organization’s needs is a vital decision. Study the durability, carrying capacity, as well as weight restrictions of the dump body prior to committing to one.

If you can, have your dump body dealer and truck dealer collaborate together. While the truck dealer may give suggestions about issues that concern best tire selection and gross vehicle weight rating, the dump body dealer is going to be knowledgeable on dump body styles and capacity.


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