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3 Tips for Truck Maintenance

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No matter what kind of vehicle, it is inseparable from the maintenance topic. Next, let us learn more about the truck maintenance.

1. The first maintenance is very important.

The first maintenance for the new truck is very important, no matter for the light truck, medium truck or heavy truck. The truck owners will go to the special service station to do maintenance according to the manufacturer's regulations. Because most truck manufacturers have implemented the first maintenance for the new truck in free of charge. For example, SGM will provide 4 times free oil and oil filter free replacement services during the quality guarantee period. However, there are also a small number of truck owners who do not consult the staff and never look at the Maintenance Manual, so there are also examples of missing the first maintenance. Since it is a new truck, if the owner misses the first maintenance, it may only cause the oil black and dirty, and will not cause any serious consequences. However, experts recommend that the owner should do the first maintenance, because the new truck is in the state of walking, the run-in mechanical components has relatively high demand for lubricants, and this is the significance of doing the first maintenance.

2. The second maintenance is also important.

The brake pads need to be replaced after 4-6 thousand kilometers. Therefore, the second maintenance is very important. The maintenance project includes truck engine, automatic transmission, air-conditioning system, steering system, braking system, suspension system, body parts and tires. In addition, it also includes quality inspection and truck test. It can be seen that after so many tests and maintenance, the whole truck condition will obviously enter the best state, and the safety of driving can be best guaranteed.


3. The key maintenance projects


1) Brake Pads

In general, the brake pads need to be replaced when the vehicle travels to 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. For owners who have poor driving habits, the replacement stroke will be shortened. In addition, if the owner do not go to do maintenance, it is impossible to find that the brake pads are thin or completely worn out in time. If the worn brake pads are not replaced in time, the braking force of the vehicle will gradually drop, threatening the safety of the owner, and the brake disc will be worn out, thus the maintenance cost will increase accordingly.


2) Tire Transposition

Tire transposition is in the tire maintenance items of second truck maintenance. In the case of emergency use of the spare tire, the owner should replace it with a standard tire as soon as possible. Due to the particularity of the spare tire, the Buick do not use the method of recirculating the spare tire and the standard tire, but transpose the four tires diagonally. The aim is to make the tire wear more even and extend its service life. In addition, the tire maintenance project also includes adjusting the air pressure. For the tire pressure, the owner can not underestimate it, if the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to wear the middle of the tread. It is worth reminded that if the tire pressure is not measured by the barometer, it is difficult for the owner to visually determine. There are some details of daily use of the tires. For example, pay attention to the distance between the tread and the wear mark, in general, the tire should be replaced with a new tire if the distance is within 2-3mm. Another example is that the tire is tied. If it is in the sidewall part, the owner should immediately replace the tire instead of repairing it, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Because the sidewall is very thin, it will not be able to withstand the weight of the truck after repair, and it is prone to puncture.

Do the standard maintenance according to the maintenance manual. In this way, you will not have big problems when driving trucks.


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