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Why do People Trust XCMG Machinery?

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Why do People Trust XCMG Machinery?

There is such a company, its products appear in the Qatar World Cup venue construction site, in the main venue of the Brazilian Olympic Games, in the pipeline construction site in the Houston oil production area in the United States, in the railway construction site in Turkey. which company? Why is its products exported to countries around the world and used in important projects? Let us walk into XCMG today to understand its mysteries.

The introduction of XCMG

Xuzhou Xugong Special Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is affiliated to XCMG Group, the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China. The company has 580 employees, including 121 engineers and technicians. It has fixed assets of more than 32 million yuan, covers an area of 48,000 square meters, and has a construction area of 26,600 square meters. It is currently one of the major enterprises producing small construction machinery in China.

The company's main products are small loader series products (including ZL series), multi-functional backhoe loader series products;Inch butterfly machine, engineering machinery parts , pneumatic tools series products. The products are mainly for municipal construction, farmland water conservancy, docks, country roads, sanitation, trenching, tree planting, pavement maintenance, buried pipelines, cables, and small spaces such as cabins, wagons, warehouses, etc., with wide adaptability and broad development space.

The company has advanced manufacturing technology and an annual production capacity of 10,000 loaders. Product development adopts computational aided design (CAD) and management (CAPP). The company implements local area network and realizes company information sharing. The company's technology research and development capabilities, process equipment assurance capabilities, product testing methods and quality assurance systems are at an advanced level in the domestic industry. The company's ZLl5E loader has been certified as a first-class product and has been awarded the title of National Customer Satisfaction Product. The company's quality assurance system has passed the IS09001-2000 quality system certification.


The development of XCMG

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG Group, said: "We want to leave the experience to users: first-class products, reasonable prices, excellent service. More importantly, it can represent the quality and culture of Chinese brands, and can think of the sincerity and kindness of Chinese people."

The predecessor of XCMG Group was the 8th Arsenal of Lunan in the 1943 Eighth Route Army. From the very beginning, it was responsible for the rescue and service of the country. The first truck crane and the first road roller of New China came from XCMG.

In 1989, when XCMG Group was formed, its operating income was only 350 million yuan. At the time of China's rapid economic development, XCMG Group is faced with problems such as bloated institutions, inefficient, and extensive management. When Wang Mingang took office, he started from rectifying the style of work and focusing on seven governances, vigorously promoting management innovation and personnel reform, and increasing investment in science and technology research and development. After the change, XCMG quickly got out of the woods.

In 2012, XCMG invested 1 billion yuan to build the XCMG Research Institute.

In January 2015, 146 testing projects in 9 laboratories of the first-class XCMG Research Center in China passed the national laboratory accreditation and became the industry standard setters.

Mechanical manufacturing speaks by strength. Today, XCMG's 1,600-ton all-terrain wheeled crane, 4,000-ton crawler crane, 400-ton mining truck and 100-meter fire-fighting equipment have maintained a world record, operating revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan, and overseas revenue breakthrough With a total value of 2.3 billion US dollars, the main indicators for the 26th consecutive year in the national construction machinery industry, ranked among the top 5 in the global construction machinery industry.

XCMG’S Bloom

It is worth mentioning that XCMG has a remarkable performance in the African market.

Africa's economy is developing rapidly, mineral and forestry resources are extremely rich, and construction machinery demand is huge, and it has gradually become an important market for the international construction machinery industry.

In the first half of 2015, XCMG digging machine to strengthen investment in African market resources, continue to increase the development of key markets, continuously improve the management level of local dealers, provide professional products and service training support, etc., the situation in the African market fell by 51.3% year-on-year. Next, but XCMG excavator rose 22.9% year-on-year, sales increased significantly, brand awareness and reputation further enhanced. XCMG speeds up the international market and brings more quality products to the world.

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