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What’s the Advantages of Wheel Road Roller?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the road construction industry has also made great progress. The roadbed pressure index has been improved in highway construction, which puts higher requirements on compaction machinery. In order to meet the needs of the new situation, different classifications of the roller have different role and advantages.

Wheel Road Roller

Comfortable driving

Spacious and bright cab features wide visibility and comfortability and the suspensible seat. Speaker and safety belt are equipped in the cab. 

Unique structure

Unique cylinder structure features strong rigidity and strength and it adopts the special bearing, high limit speed and strong carrying capacity to avoid the polarization of the vibrating drum.

The lubrication method of the vibration bearing is simple and convenient and the fault of the lubrication system is low.

Excellent configuration

The key imported parts: imported hydraulic plunger piston and motor feature higher centrifugal force and theoretical gradeability. The watering pump and vibration bearing are all of imported parts. There are multiple configurations for the engine to choose to meet various conditions. Large capacity plastic water tank, three-stage filtering, and double watering systems and interval 7-gear watering ensure the smooth watering.

Convenient repair

The engine hood could be opened from three sides, and the engine and hydraulic pump and each control valve could be checked easily. 

Vibratory Roller

The vibratory roller has high production efficiency. When the required degree of compaction is the same, the number of compaction passes is small. 

Due to the application of the airborne compaction gauge on the vibratory roller, the driver can find the weak points in the construction road in time and take remedial measures at any time, thus greatly reducing the quality hazard.

When compacting the asphalt concrete surface layer, the asphalt material of the surface layer can fully penetrate and conform to other aggregates due to the vibration effect. Therefore, the road surface has good wear resistance and low repair rate.

When compacting asphalt concrete, the temperature of the asphalt concrete is allowed to be low.

It can compact large-size backfill stone isostatic roller without material compaction.

Due to its vibration, it can compact dry cement concrete. When the compaction effect is the same, the vibratory roller can be twice as fast in structural quality as the static acting roller, and the engine power can be reduced by about 30%.

Impact Roller

The impact roller is a new type of towed compaction machine. The biggest difference between Impact roller and the traditional towed roller is the impact compaction with a polygonal convex roller to improve the compaction and bearing capacity of the soil.

Compaction is obvious. When the impact roller is used to achieve a certain degree of compaction and can not be improved after repeated rolling, the equipment can be used to achieve high efficiency and ensure the quality of subgrade construction.

The compaction efficiency of the subgrade compaction with larger length and width values is better reflected.

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