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What Does a Dump Truck Do?

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Do you know what a dump truck is? In the civil engineering, the dump truck often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form the loading, unloading and unloading production lines, and to carry out the loading and unloading work of earthwork, gravel and bulk materials. Looks like a versatile machine? Let us follow this article to learn more about dump trucks.

Introduction of dump truck

A dump truck is a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. It consists of a car chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo compartment and a power take-off. The compartment of the dump truck is tilted backwards and laterally tilted. The piston rod movement is controlled by the operating system, and the backward tilting is more common. The piston rod is pushed to tilt the carriage, and a few are tilted in two directions.

Since the loading compartment can automatically dump a certain angle of unloading, which greatly saves the unloading time and labor, while shortening the transportation cycle, improving production efficiency and reducing transportation costs, the dump truck is a commonly used transportation special vehicle.

Dump truck classification

In terms of Shape

According to the shape can be divided into: single-bridge dump truck, double-bridge dump truck, flat-head dump truck, pointed dump truck, front four rear eight dump trucks, double-bridge semi-trailer dump trucks, three-bridge semi-trailer dump trucks.


In terms of Link form

Straight push type tilt mechanism; link type tilt mechanism.


In terms of Use 

Agricultural dump trucks, mine dump trucks, garbage dump trucks, coal transport dump trucks, construction machinery dump trucks, sludge dump trucks.


In terms of Drive mode

6x4, 8x4 dump trucks and semi-trailer dump trucks.


In terms of  Flipping

Front lift and rollover dump trucks, as well as two-way dump trucks, are mainly used in construction projects.

What are the types of dump trucks classified according to their purposes?

1. Heavy-duty dump trucks for off-highway transportation (more than 20t)

It mainly undertakes the task of transporting dump trucks such as large mines and water conservancy sites, usually in conjunction with excavators. These dump trucks are also called mining dump trucks. Its length, width, height and axle load are not subject to road regulations, but the dump truck can only be used on mines and construction sites.


2. Dump trucks for road transport

This type of dump truck has a loading weight of 2-20t and is divided into light dump trucks, medium dump trucks and heavy duty ordinary dump trucks. It mainly undertakes the transportation of loose cargo dump trucks such as sand, soil and coal, and is usually used in conjunction with loaders.


3. Professional dump truck

Some dump trucks are designed for special purposes, so they are also called special dump trucks. Such as: swing arm type self-loading dump truck, self-loading dump truck and so on.

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