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How to maintain 3-ton digger under high temperature?

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During periods of high temperature and scorching summer, proper maintenance of a 3-ton digger is a common concern among operators, since extended operation in high temperatures affects the 3-ton digger's cooling and hydraulic systems.

The following may result from high temperatures and humidity. First of all, the 3-ton digger's storage battery's air vent may get blocked and the high pressure inside could trigger an explosion. The 3-ton digger's tire abrasion is worsened, leading to tire explosion. What's more, oil quality and the oil's lubrication performance are weakened, increasing machine abrasion. Aim to the situation, apart from regular inspection and maintenance, there are some tips operators should follow to avoid potential damage of the 3-ton digger. Change the engine's lubricating oil in time and select the oil suitable for summer. After operation, position the digger in the shadow and avoid direct sunlight. Charge the storage battery in a timely manner and ensure the circuit joint is steady. Carefully inspect every component of the 3-ton digger to check whether there are any small cracks. If any are found, repair them promptly to prevent corrosion from rain.

Besides, if the high temperature warning alarm rings, remember to do the following things. Reduce the load and lower rotation speed. Place the 3-ton digger's accelerator on Idle. Decrease the heat produced by component friction by adding coolant or antifreeze; if there isn't any, distilled or purified water can also be used.

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