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Do you know the American Truck Race?

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Super truck race

Logistics truck open tournament is an emerging American truck series race. The race was started in 2013 by former American race car driver Gordon and organized by the American automobile club (USAC). At first, the games were mainly played on American football fields. Street RACES have been introduced since 2014. Although it is an emerging event, it has been held in the United States, Canada and Australia and enjoys an international reputation.

Super truck race is a truck race that integrates the characteristics of various kinds of racing cars, such as venue, cross-country, tension and drift. The truck used is a powerful rear-drive racing car. The circuit is also equipped with aluminum ramps for jumping. The car has a longer suspension to protect the driver and the car when it lands after a jump. To lighten the car's weight, the body is made of steel frame and carbon glass. Such a powerful car is not easy to drive, the driver's ability to control the car has a high demand, once the operation is not precise, it is easy to turn over the situation.

The stadium super truck series was found to be more suitable for street racing than traditional motor racing. After 10 street RACES, organizers found that the super truck's street RACES attracted a completely different crowd. To make the race more exciting, organizers placed aluminum ramps on the street course, which is about 17 feet, 6 inches long and 2 feet, 8 inches high. The car usually jumps over the slope at around 110 km/h. 

In order to attract fans to the scene to watch the race, the event also integrated bigfoot car, four-wheel motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle jointly held, the scene is very exciting.

In order to reduce the influence of external factors on the outcome of the race, all the cars in the series are almost identical in configuration. Racers are allowed to change only a few Settings in their cars, such as spring stiffness, suspension height and the camber Angle of the tires. This approach maximally guarantees the fairness of the competition.

Other truck competitions

In today's era of attaching importance to experience and high added value, event marketing has become an important strategic means for enterprises to show their strength, promote their brands and attract customers. Truck industry are also emerging, race models are increasingly market segmentation. Among them, including tractor, muck car, cold chain transport car, but also car and container transport car.

Now, let’s enjoy some interesting truck races.

1.Truck and Tractor Pulling

The event is popular in the United States, Europe, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. The race is straightforward, with cars pulling an Sled along a 330-foot (100.58 meter) by 35-foot (10.67 meter) track. In the first round, the goal is to move the pulley 300 feet. The Full Pull is to reach or exceed 300 feet. If more than one tractor gets a Full Pull, it will enter the second round of the competition, called a pull-off, which is the final. The load will be increased, and then the tractors that get a Full Pull in the first round will be compared again to see who can drive the farther distance. The event in the history of the vehicle is often converted power, with a huge supercharger or more engines, and even use from helicopters, tanks and fighter jet engine, the tractor can even output highest tens of thousands of horsepower, it is considered the world's largest horsepower motor racing.

2.Foton Daimler cup 2018 efficient logistics truck open championship

The truck race, which first opened in 2017, has escalated over the years. Truck transportation involves cold chain, express, hazardous chemicals and other industries, and is more accurate in terms of customer demand. By comparing the fuel consumption data of 100km before and after the competition, it is found that the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle of 100km after the competition is 2.8L lower than that before the competition. According to the calculation of the annual operating mileage of each vehicle of 150,000-200,000 km, the annual saving of at least 30,000 yuan will be achieved. It is a multi-purpose truck competition integrating competition and environmental protection.

3."Shan Xi automobile cup" muck transport expert challenge

The theme of the competition aims to show the image of muck transportation enterprises and the driving skills of drivers, and at the same time to show the technical achievements of Shan Xi automobile's new green and intelligent muck dump products.

4."Hero oil you create" Guang Zhou hino good driver competition

This competition is facing the official operation of all gac hino axle car users. The purpose of the competition is to deepen the understanding of transportation units to the mid-axle coupe, promote the driver to improve the driving level, and at the same time make the majority of users more deeply understand the Guang Zhou hino coupe and the perception of Guang Zhou hino TS (" all-round customer support ") service brand.

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