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Do you Really Know the Drilling Rig?

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Do you Really Know the Drilling Rig?

For most of us, we simply know the drill and know that it can be used for drilling, but have no idea how the drill works or what it does more than that. So today we are going to introduce the drilling rig in detail. I'm sure every one of you is interested in learning about it. So, let me introduce!

1.Brief introduction of drilling rig

Drilling rig, analysis, widely used in prospecting, railways, highways, Bridges, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnels, Wells, bolts, small diameter diamond core rope coring drilling, civil construction, engineering geological exploration, ground source thermal drilling, coal bed gas drilling, penetration drill drilling, etc.. 

In the survey and exploration of mineral deposits, especially the survey and exploration of nonferrous metals and rare metals, tunnel drilling is used to track down mineral deposits, infill exploration and geological structure delineate ore bodies, sampling and verification, etc.  In other geotechnical engineering construction fields, the equipment and technology of tunnel drilling can be used to reinforce the slope of the dam foundation, to control the geological disaster, to support the deep foundation pit, and to construct the underground engineering in industrial, commercial, transportation and military fields. It can also be used for building foundation, workshop foundation, high-speed railway foundation, highway foundation and other geotechnical foundation construction.


2.Rig classification

Due to the different purposes and construction objects of geotechnical drilling and excavation engineering, there are many kinds of drilling machines. Drilling machines can be classified according to their USES, such as core drilling machines, oil drilling machines, hydrogeological survey and water well drilling machines, engineering geological exploration drilling machines, tunnel drilling machines and engineering construction drilling machines, etc. Drilling RIGS can also be divided into four categories according to drilling methods, namely, impact drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, combined drilling rig and vibration drilling rig. Among them, the percussion drill is divided into two types: wire rope percussion drill and drill pipe percussion drill. Rotary drilling machine is divided into vertical shaft type, screw differential feed type, hydraulic feed type drilling machine; Rotary disc type is divided into steel rope type, hydraulic cylinder type drilling machine; The mobile rotary head type is divided into full hydraulic power head type and mechanical power head type drilling machine. A combined drill is a drill whose functions of vibration, impact, rotary and static pressure are combined in different ways. Drilling RIGS are divided into CFG series long auger drill, positive and negative circulation drill, subsurface drilling rig, underwater drilling rig, bolt drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, impact drilling rig, vehicle-mounted drilling rig and other applications in the field of geotechnical construction.

3.Rig function

The drilling machine can be used to obtain underground physical data, from the bottom of the well to obtain cuttings, core, water, oil, natural gas and so on. At the same time, it is used as a geophysical logging channel to obtain geophysical field data in rock layers, such as for underground ordnance test. In addition, it can also be used as an artificial channel to observe hydrology, mineral and geological structures in the strata. Finally, the drilling machine can be used in a comprehensive way to integrate exploration and collection and develop the use of underground resources.






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