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Common Classification of Trucks

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A truck is usually used to transport goods. It also can be used to pull other vehicles. It belongs to commercial vehicle. When it comes to the classification of trucks, due to their wide variety and form, there are many classification methods. Today, four common classification will be listed.

1. According to the Load Capacity

1) Mini Truck

The length of the mini truck is less than or equal to 3.5 meters, and the total weight is less than or equal to 1800kg. Mini trucks have the advantages of economy, comfort and security, and have been favored by individual private owners. However, due to its low load capacity, it is increasingly unable to meet the needs of users, and they are slowly being replaced by small trucks.

2) Light Truck

The light truck has a length of less than 6 meters and a total weight of less than 4.5 tons. Light trucks are changed accompanied by the market demand and product adjustments, and their sales are also growing. In recent years, supported by the vehicle going to the countryside and the old-for-new policy, the sales volume of light trucks reached 3.86 million in 2010. China is currently in the stage of industrial development, and light trucks have also become a development demand at this stage.

3) Medium Truck

The medium truck has a vehicle length of 6m or more, and the total weight is greater than or equal to 4500kg and less than 12000kg. The flexibility, convenience and economical load capacity and cargo space of medium trucks are ideal for urban logistics. From the perspective of future development, low-tonnage medium trucks will also obtain permits for city operations at the right time.

4) Heavy Truck

The length of the whole heavy truck is 6m or more, and the total weight is greater than or equal to 12000kg. Heavy trucks refer to those large-tonnage and high-grade trucks, which have a large amount of cargo and a high price. Heavy trucks are currently developing in the direction of large tonnage, and models with a load of more than 12 tons are developing rapidly. High efficiency, high reliability, low cost and fast safety are the development direction of heavy trucks in China. Heavy trucks are suitable for use on the construction site and hauling large machinery.

2. According to the Structure of Trucks

According to the structure of trucks, trucks can be divided into: flat trucks, fence trucks, vans, warehouse trucks, tank trucks, dump trucks, etc.

3. According to the Cab Structure

According to the cab structure, it can be divided into long head type, flat head type, short head type, extended type and flip type.

4. According to the Drive Form

The most basic classification standard is according to the number of driving wheels, which can be divided into two categories: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The advantage of the front wheel drive is that it is easier to arrange the member space in the truck, and the mechanical structure is simple, the cost is cheap. The advantages of the rear wheel drive are good maneuverability. The rear wheel is responsible for driving, so that the front wheel can focus on steering work, so the vehicle response during steering is more agile.

Common types are 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x2, 8x4 trucks, etc. Of course, there are also 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and other full-drive models, but they are mostly used in military vehicles and special vehicles.

Note: The number before the “x” indicates the total number of wheels of the vehicle. The number after the “x” indicates the number of driving wheels. 

Certainly, in addition to above truck classification, there are also tractor head truck, sanitation truck, road wrecker truck, etc.

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