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Why does the Wheel Nut Indicator so Important?

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Driving, the tires will inevitably fail for a long time, and it is believed that every truck driver has encountered problems with repairing tires. Experienced drivers will see how the tires are repaired by the mentor. Truck tire assembly is also a big problem for truck drivers. Next, I can introduce you some knowledge about truck tires.

1.A brief introduction to the assembly of wheel tires

First, the tires in the rear wheel need to be assembled into ten bolts with a spreader. There are two nuts that are tightened in advance to prevent the tire from falling off when the frame is turned over. Remove the two nuts first with the air trigger and then push the tire to the bolt. First tighten a nut to prevent the tire from falling. Then screw on the remaining nut. Note here that the inner tube is aligned with the tire valve of the tire casing. The torque of these ten tire nuts is 450~500N•m. When tightening the tire nut, the angle should be tight. The first tightened nut should be tightened at the end. It is required to tighten each nut for 5~8 seconds. The nut is 30mm diameter. And the mechanical performance level is 10.9. The tire fender is a splash-proof fender redesigned for the new automotive regulations. The design of the fender greatly reduces the probability of splashing dirt on the muddy road surface in rainy days, and also meets the requirements of the new automobile regulations.

2.Wheel nut indicator brief introduction

With all the mileage of the team, problems such as wheel nuts are inevitable. Even with the safest wheel nuts, rough roads and excessive stop-and-go can make the wheels prone to problems. The tire nut loose indicator can help you easily solve the problem of loose tire nuts. 

The tire nut indicator is a car tire safety product that is widely used in the transportation industry. The wheel nut indicator is mounted on each wheel nut and the indicator directly indicates the corresponding problem. This simple system provides a clear driver vision pattern that indicates which wheel nut needs to be tightened. This is already an important indicator for promoting and developing the safety performance of vehicles driving fast.

3. The role of the Wheel Nut Indicator 

The wheel nut indicator has a sophisticated design and product material characteristics. We can simplify and improve daily safety inspections. Once the nut is loose, through the change of Indicator pointing end, we can know the problem and repair it in time.

The wheel nut loose indicator also reduces the cost of unnecessary correction and save maintenance time. If such an indicator is applied to a vehicle, it can be made of a material that is deformed by heat such as plastic. Because of the bearing failure or braking resistance of the wheel, a large amount of frictional heat is often generated, and the indicator encounters high heat. Deformation is created to remind people that the vehicle at this time needs a full inspection.

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