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Why do Urban Roads Need to be Sprinkled?

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In order to build a good urban environment, it is necessary to spray water, wash and sweep the urban roads according to a certain frequency every day.

The necessity of urban water sprinkling lies in:

Urban fined management needs

Many municipal sanitation regulations stipulate that city roads should be cleaned by sprinkling water or spraying dust, with a certain amount of water pressure. Now the urban cleaning and sprinkling rate is more than 95%, which means that the main and secondary roads in the city are all washed out. Otherwise, according to the flow of people and vehicle flow repeatedly refresh, roads will be full of dirt and silt, pollute seriously. Usually the main road water is generally not less than 3 times a day. Every morning when the public get out or go to work to see the clean environment must thanks to the sanitation department hundreds of vehicles, nearly 1,000 sanitation workers working overnight.

Air pollution control needs

The main role of water tank truck is dust suppression, because the air is flowing, sprinkling water pressure dust is essential, especially for the control of PM10 particles. Sprinkling water lead to a certain extent which play a role in air purification. Now many cities have already entered the renovation construction, the construction dust pollution and automobile exhaust pollution is the main pollution sources in a city. And those pollutants contained a large number of particles, under the action of a certain power they may fly everywhere, spread around, and easily induce atmospheric pollution and fog haze, make serious influence on the health of urban residents and urban ecological environment.

Sprinkling water on urban roads at a certain frequency every day can help improve the environmental quality of urban roads, keep the roads clean and moist, and prevent dust from flying. The use of sprinkling water pressure, can effectively wash the road dust carried from muck transportation, vehicle wheel entrainment of silt. The sand, dust and other erosion to the road on both sides of the sewage outlet, but also to prevent secondary pollution. On the other hand, through water spraying and spray operation, it can effectively absorb dust in the air such as a large number of extremely dust particles, smoke particles, salt particles and other harmful substances, reduce the amount of harmful substances inhaled by human respiratory tract, effectively improve air quality, reduce the probability of haze.


Cool down high temperature weather and increase the air humidity needs

In less precipitation, sandstorm and high temperature, hot, dry weather, sprinkler need to increase the intensity of water. This can not only reduce dust, but also reduce the surface temperature of the road, increase the humidity of the air, making the environment more comfortable. Environmental protection departments will be based on seasonal changes, changes in the environment temperature timely adjustment of operation frequency, reasonable setting of water tank truck water pressure, in order to ensure the operation effect while minimizing the inconvenience to the public.

Road water tank trucks are also essential on rainy days.

In rainy weather, some soil on the road surface will be washed out by rain, especially after rain, there will be a lot of silt and sand on the road surface. When there is too much soil on the local surface, it will not only bring inconvenience to pedestrians, but also form visual pollution.

At this time, it is necessary to wash the road. Water tank trucks can wash dirt, gravel, leaves and other dirt from the road to the side of the road, making it easier for sanitation workers to clean up.

When you look at the face of a city, you often look at its road surface. A clean road will make people feel physical and mental pleasure, thus water tank trucks for the maintenance of daily urban cleanliness is very important. However, the water tank truck is not what the situation will go to the water tank truck, encounter special weather will stop the water tank truck, such as the temperature below 4°C, in order to prevent the road ice, the water tank truck will stop operation.

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