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What’s the Function of Drilling Rig?

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What’s the Function of Drilling Rig?

Drilling rig is a complex set of machines, which is composed of machines, units and mechanisms. Drilling rig is a kind of mechanical equipment which drives drilling tools underground and obtains physical geological data in the exploration or development of mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid ore, gas ore, etc.). Modern drilling rigs must  have a set of auxiliary equipment, such as power supply, gas supply, water supply, oil supply and other equipment, equipment storage, spray prevention and fire prevention facilities, drilling fluid preparation, storage, treatment facilities, as well as a variety of instruments and automatic recording instruments.

Here is an introduction of 8 system of drilling rig:

(1) Lifting system

Composition: crown block, traveling car, large hook, winch, roller, steel wire rope, lifting ring, elevator, clamp, slip and other wellhead tools.

Function: drop, hang or lift drill string, casing string and other down hole equipment in and out of the hole; drill down, connect with a single drill and drill pressure control.

(2)rotating system

(3)Composition: turntable, faucet, drill string.

Function: under the condition of high pressure circulation of drilling fluid, enough rotating torque and power are provided for down hole drilling tools to meet the requirements of rock breaking drilling and other down hole drilling.

(3) Circulation system

Composition: mud pump, ground pipe sink, mud tank, mud purification equipment. The ground pipe sink includes high pressure pipe sink, riser, water dragon belt, mud purification equipment including vibrating screen, sand remover, mud remover, centrifuge and so on.

Function: remove cuttings from bottom hole; cool drill bit and lubricate drilling tool.

(4) dynamic system

Composition: diesel engine, motor.

Function: provide energy for the whole set of units (three working units and other auxiliary units).

(5)drive system

Composition: coupling, clutch, gearbox, belt drive, chain drive, etc.

Function: transfer power to mud pump, winch and turntable (three working machines)

(6) Control system

Composition: mechanical control, gas control, electrical control and liquid control, etc.

Function: control each system and equipment according to the process requirements. The driller can complete almost all drilling rig control through the drilling rig boss console: such as the clutch, the parallel drive of each power machine, the starting and stopping of winch, turntable and drilling pump, the high and low speed control of winch, etc.


(7) drilling rig base system

Composition: drilling platform base, computer room base.

Function: support and install all kinds of drilling equipment and tools, provide drilling operation place, facilitate the transportation of drilling rig equipment.

(8) Auxiliary equipment system

Composition: gas supply equipment, auxiliary power generation equipment, wellhead blowout prevention equipment, rat hole drilling equipment and auxiliary lifting equipment.

Function: assist the main system to ensure the safety and normal operation of drilling.

The types of drilling rig are various. Because of the purpose of use, the working ability and the construction place, the classification of drilling rigs is also different. 

1.According to the way of broken rock, it can be divided into rotary drilling rig, impact drilling rig and impact rotary drilling rig, etc.  

2.According to the drilling depth, it can be divided into: surface prototype (2 × 50 meters), shallow hole drilling rig (50 ≤ 300 meters), medium and deep hole drilling rig (300 ≤ 600 meters), deep hole drilling rig (600 ≤ 6000 meters), ultra-deep hole drilling rig (6000 ≤ 15000 meters); 

3.According to the use, it can be divided into core drilling rig, hydrogeological well drilling rig, oil drilling rig, etc.

4. According to the construction site, it can be divided into surface drilling rig, tunnel drilling rig and seafloor sinking. Type drilling rig, etc.

Drilling rig plays an important role in human production and life. The function of drilling rig is to drill a hole with a certain depth and diameter from the surface at a certain angle and along a certain trajectory. Then the representative core and cuttings of the formation are taken out in order to find out the underground geology and mineral resources and explore the mysteries of the earth. At present, the drilling depth of the drilling machine ranges from 2 meters to 15000 meters, which is divided into several grades. It can be used for land, as well as for rivers, lakes, seas, and even sampling on the moon. 


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