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Some Information about Truck Maintenance

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Some Information about Truck Maintenance

In summer, due to many factors such as high temperature, drivers should pay more attention to truck maintenance.

The power of a flat tire in a truck is beyond the imagination of those who have never seen it. The standard tire pressure for an ordinary car with a dead weight of about two tons is 2.5 atmospheres. Big trucks usually have a tire pressure of 7 to 10 atmospheres, and some even exceed 10 atmospheres. If the tire of a heavy truck explodes, it would be as powerful as a grenade.

In order to avoid tragedies, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of tires. How often is it appropriate to change the truck tire? It is well known that the warranty period of tires is generally in 6-100,000km or 3-5 years, but after more than 60,000km, its wear has reached a certain degree, the more frequent use, the greater the possibility of problems, so it is recommended to replace in advance.In addition, if the truck tire temperature gets high and tire bulge, proof of tire inner metal coil has been deformed or broken, if continue to drive is very likely to occur tire danger, must be replaced immediately, so as to avoid the occurrence of danger.

As the temperature keeps rising in summer, many car owners will fall asleep and feel sleepy when driving in the afternoon, which is a very dangerous driving behavior called fatigue driving. As the car is running at a high speed, and now the traffic flow of the roads in major cities are large, a little careless will lead to traffic accidents. Some drivers in order to catch up with the time, will be sleepy driving, imperceptibly fell asleep, is this a few seconds of sleep, which brings a great threat to the safety of drivers and car personnel.


If you want to avoid fatigue driving, you should pay attention to the following points:

1, adjust the seat to the appropriate position: moderate height: the seat is too high, the driver is easy to hunchback when driving, even keep straight posture, will appear stiff, not convenient to operate. Before and after appropriate: the ball of the foot is stepped on clutch pedal, when trample dead completely, whole leg still should maintain certain degree of curvature, when such accident happening can have buffer space, also can reduce leg ministry fatigue at the same time.

2. There is a certain distance between the body and the steering wheel: the better distance between the body and the steering wheel is that when the arm is straight, the wrist can be placed on the spokes directly above the steering wheel.

3. The seat can be slightly reclined: this allows the body to maintain balance while driving, relieving the pressure on the neck and back. For vehicles without waist support, the gap between the back and the seat can be added with a waist pad to make the long-distance driving more comfortable.

As far as truck engine is concerned, just start the vehicle oil, open warm air,changeing the oil irregularly are all factors leading to engine damage.

Therefore, truck maintenance is crucial.


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