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Maintenance of Electric Tricycle

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Electric tricycle is a kind of tricycle which is driven by battery and by motor. Because of its strong applicability, simple and flexible, low price and convenience, it is widely used in the short-distance transportation fields such as family, individual rental, factory and mine, environmental sanitation, community cleaning, etc. It is very important to do a good job in the maintenance of electric tricycle for its service life and driving safety. Its maintenance work includes checking whether the control performance is good, whether the tire needs to be replaced, and whether the mechanical system is good. Let's explain it in detail below.

1.Inspection of the Whole Vehicle

Carry out the commissioning of the whole vehicle of the electric tricycle, and check whether the electrical control circuit and the electrical connection circuit has any hidden trouble or damage. If there is any abnormality, remove and repair it in time.

2.Brake Inspection

Check whether the brake parts of the electric tricycle are normal. In case of any abnormality, adjust them in time to ensure the flexibility and reliability of the brake.

3.Handlebar Inspection

Check whether the handlebar steering of electric tricycle has problems, and whether the handlebar and front fork slide each other.

4.Battery Inspection

As an important link of maintenance, the battery of electric tricycle must be inspected regularly. Generally speaking, the battery inspection cycle of electric tricycle is every month in summer and every two or three months in winter. The task is mainly to check whether the battery liquid level is below the marking line and whether the electrode plate is exposed. If it is exposed, supplement distilled water in time. But do not add acid, because the battery electrolyte concentration of the electric tricycle has been adjusted according to the scientific proportion when away from the factory. Needn’t add any acid to destroy the acid-base balance of the electrolyte, so as to avoid corrosion and affect the battery service life.

5.Gearbox Inspection

When the electric tricycle is used for the first time, gear oil shall be added to the rear axle gearbox. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the rear axle gearbox leaks oil, whether the gasket is damaged, and whether the lubricating oil is missing, etc. If there is any problem, the gasket shall be replaced and the lubricating oil shall be supplemented in time.

6.Inspection of Lubricating Oil

The gearbox, motor sprocket and chain of the electric tricycle shall be regularly inspected and added with lubricating oil. If serious wear occurs, it shall be replaced in time to avoid affecting the usage.

7.Bolt Inspection

The bolts of the whole electric tricycle shall be inspected regularly. In case of looseness and falling off, they shall be fastened in time, and anti rust liquid shall be applied properly to avoid the maintenance difficulty caused by rust.

8.Hygiene Inspection

The electric tricycle shall be wiped regularly to keep the whole machine clean.

The above are the eight main contents of the maintenance work of the electric tricycle. Regular maintenance of electric tricycle can not only prolong its service life, but also ensure driving safety and avoid potential safety hazards.

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