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How to Properly Maintain Your Truck or Bus?

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Basic Guide to Bus Maintenance

In the case of buses, there is a bigger risk to passengers’ safety with commercial buses that are not serviced regularly which can endanger lives if they are not properly maintained. Certain breakdowns such as tire wear and tear, engine knock,  and other smaller amounts of damage are commonly the result of not changing oils and fluids. This can easily be avoided by strictly adhering to the service rules and regulations that are located within the owner’s manual, which should always be read first when initially starting to use your vehicle.

Moreover, drivers should always routinely monitor each component of the bus including the tires, wipers, horn, brakes, steering, interior seating, and windows. Other components that can audibly indicate a problem or oncoming issue come from any irregular engine sounds,  as well as any sudden misfiring. It is also very important to inspect the bus prior to, during, and after any trips it may take as any unnoticed problems could cause a breakdown or lead to putting yourself and your passengers under unsafe conditions.

Basic Guide to Truck Maintenance

There are universally three types of trucks around the world: light, medium, and heavy duty trucks. Trucks are machines that can be quite expensive to maintain when handled the wrong way. They also require proper adherence to service and maintenance regulations, and should only be undertaken by a well-trained mechanic with specialization in that area. Trucks are very sensitive in nature, and should be handled with proper care as they carry a lot of goods that can be a danger not only to oneself but also to everyone on the road.

Oil filters and air filters should be changed whenever service is due, as they contribute significantly to the fuel consumption of the truck. Oil filters, as the name was derived from, are responsible for filtering the dirt in the engine and to remove any foreign particles which usually get clogged up when the oils are not clean, hence they should be replaced regularly. Air filters remove dust particles from the air that is being taken for combustion, which should be changed to maintain complete proper fuel combustion. Engine oil is another fluid that should be changed on a regular basis, as wear and tear is always seen through darkened engine oil and can possibly lead to more serious issues.

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