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How to Choose Reliable Supplier from China?

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 How to Choose Reliable Supplier from China?

Mostly, lots of international businessperson will use the following ways to find Chinese suppliers: 

1. Search keywords in search engine, such as Google, Being, Yahoo, Yandex.

2. Find suppliers in trade fair shows. This way is very direct and international businessperson can know more about this suppliers quality to tell whether the supplier is worth to cooperate. But for those who have no time to attend the trade fair show, they won’t have this way.

3. Find suppliers in B2B. The best B2B in China is Alibaba, many of international businessperson will find Chinese suppliers in Alibaba.

Smart Tips to Find a Reliable Chinese Suppliers

No matter which ways you find a Chinese suppliers, you should know the following smart tips to tell whether it is worth to cooperate. 

1. Detailed and completed information

As for a reliable supplier, they always have the detailed information including in: 

A. Clear, detailed and real product photos

Product photos are one of the important standard to tell a reliable supplier, they always have 3 or more product photos, detailed product photos with the clear company watermark, it proved that this products photos belongs to the supplier not embezzling others.

B. Product price

One of the most important buyers care for is price. Of course, everyone wants the lowest price but please care for that if you find the price is extremely below than the normal price in the market, think twice whether it is trustful. Many fraud suppliers will take the thought of gaining petty advantages, to let the buyers cheated.

C. Product information

Detailed product information can also indicate the trustful suppliers, the more detailed, will be better.

2. Good company website: the company website can indicate many things. 

A. Normal and registered company will care for their company website image. They will have a higher standard to the website technology, to give visitors a best experience in their website. Fraud companies don’t have a company website or their website is rough and only have one or two simple pages, give visitors a unpleasant experience at the first time. 

B. Normal and registered company will leave their detailed contact information in website, including address, email, phone number, fax number... and it can be found in the search engine. Fraud companies will not leave detailed contact information, or only leave a phone number, but unclear company address. 

In a word, the above are some tips for reference, not the absolutely right ways to tell whether fraud or reliable suppliers, for the reality conditions, buyers should connect the physical truth. This is the E-commerce Times, this is the best times, and also worst times. E-commerce makes many chances, but accompanied with risk, so international businessperson should learn to gain the sharp eyes to distinguish right from wrong.

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