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Do you know Some other Functions of the Truck?

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Do you know Some other Functions of the Truck?

With the diversification of the truck, the functions of the truck has more and more . The variety of features also makes life easier for truck driving, who can save themselves a lot of work in daily hauling.

EBS is an electronic stability control system in Chinese, which can improve the handling of vehicles and prevent them from losing control. EBS is an evolution of the ABS system and includes the functions of ABS. It replaces the pure mechanical control system of ABS with an electronic control system. In addition, the EBS system includes ECU, steering Angle sensor, front and rear axle valve, trailer valve, etc.

Drive past tractor all know, the brake of trailer wants a few earlier than advocate car commonly, when trailer and tractor brake appear not synchronous or the circumstance of unbalance, easy to produce sideslip.   

But if both the main car and the trailer are equipped with the truck EBS system, EBS will automatically adjust to achieve unified braking. EBS also automatically reduces the braking pressure if the tire is locked or skidded due to insufficient friction on the road to ensure a balance of braking force between the wheels. Therefore, the installation of EBS can well ensure the safety of truck braking and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The truck cargo compartment is similar to the container compartment in that it can be directly lowered without the assistance of other equipment and then replaced with other cargo compartments. This process can be completed only by the lifting function of the cargo compartment. When the delivery, only a driver can easily handle all the loading and unloading of goods.

The truck remote diagnostics service continuously monitors the vehicle system through the new managed system's truck data center. The service covers all trucks equipped with the system, levels containing various working liquids, and data from all CAN bus systems in the vehicle.


When repairs or maintenance are required, the truck will automatically upload the information to the server of the service center through the remote information system. The server analyzes the data according to the storage algorithm, creates a real-time fault diagnosis, and then goes to the maintenance point with the specific proposed action plan. The maintenance center then contacts the customer to communicate the proposed action plan. If necessary, it will assist the customer to find the maintenance workshop and contact relevant matters.

The entire process is fully automated. Within minutes of an error code or a warning of a possible failure being uploaded, the customer receives a notification and receives a professional handling recommendation. Remote diagnosis services consist of three services: fault prevention, efficient maintenance management, and real-time support for customer maintenance measures.

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