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Do you Know the ATM Gearbox?

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In the daily driving of truck drivers, manual transmission is the most frequently contacted transmission. Although the automated mechanical transmission is mature and reliable, but in actual usage, the driving technology is highly demanded. When driving the automated mechanical transmission, both hands and feet are needed. It is often necessary to increase or decrease gears according to road conditions. It is easy to fatigue when driving for a long time. The emergence of automatic transmission box makes up for the above points. 

Truck automatic transmission 

AMT, AT and DCT are all automatic transmission. What's the difference between them? The following three automatic transmission boxes are described in detail. 

AMT automatic mechanical transmission belongs to a new type of automatic transmission. The mechanical nature of the box comes from MT manual transmission. AMT automatic transmission is reformed on the basis of the original mechanical transmission. With the unchanged overall transmission structure, the automatic shifting system controlled by TCU is installed to realize the automatic shifting. Because there is no hydraulic torque converter, the transmission efficiency is higher than that of AT, and the power transmission efficiency is more than 90% as that of MT gearbox. AT automatic transmission, in fact, should be strictly called hydraulic torque converter automatic transmission. AT transmission is widely used in cars, but also in trucks. Because AT gearbox adopts hydraulic torque converter to realize the soft connection between engine and planetary gear set, it can buffer the power impact of engine, and the mechanical group with planetary gear can increase or decrease gears according to the transmission ratio. AT gearbox is more suitable for complex road conditions, which require frequent start. 

Although AT gearboxes can easily face frequent start and bear relatively large engine torque, AT gearboxes also have shortcomings. Because the engine power needs to be transmitted to the gear set through the hydraulic torque converter, the engine power will be consumed part of the white, resulting in reduced transmission efficiency, so it will be more fuel-intensive than manual transmission. In addition, the structure of AT gearbox is complex and the manufacturing cost is slightly higher. At present, only a few manufacturers produce truck AT gearbox. 

DCT dual clutch transmission is regarded as the most advanced mechanical automatic transmission box at present. In fact, it is the same as AMT gearbox in essence, but it is controlled by two sets of truck clutches. Basically, it can be understood that AMT gearbox has one more set of truck clutches. Two truck clutches work alternately, one controls odd gear and the other controls even gear. In theory, DCT dual clutch gearbox is better for vehicle power output, which can achieve uninterrupted power output, more quickly when climbing the slope and achieve the goal of fuel saving. 

Characteristics of AMT gearbox 

AMT gearbox has the advantages of convenient operation, fast shifting speed, oil-saving, durable and high transmission efficiency. The structure of AMT gearbox is composed of a set of MT gearbox + mechanical control system, which is essentially a MT gearbox, and the mechanical control system does not participate in power transmission, so its power transmission loss is very small. Besides, because AMT gearbox is still evolved from MT gearbox in structure, it also inherits the characteristics of MT gearbox, such as strong durability and convenient maintenance. 

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