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What’s the Application Field of Impact Roller?

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of road construction technology requirements, impact roller is constantly being used by many construction teams due to its high compaction depth and extremely high construction efficiency, especially in the high filling compaction. Recognized. However, many engineering friends know very little about such a product; Today we will discuss what is impact roller and its application fields.

Basic introduction of impact roller

Impact roller, also known as wheel road roller. The impact roller is pulled by the traction device to drive the two impact wheels, and the concrete pavement is crushed and compacted by the weight of the impact wheel itself and the impact force during the advancement. The impact roller impacts the filling body with its huge impact force, and is supplemented by the combined functions of rolling and kneading. The original asphalt concrete structure layer of the old road and the soil and stone mixed roadbed under the structural layer are sheared, broken and filled with each other closely, with the spread of the shock wave, a continuous stable layer of 2m-4m thick is formed under the road surface to form a more stable structure.

Application fields of impact roller

Impact rolling technology is a leap in the compaction technology of modern roadbed engineering. The application of impact rolling technology is the application of impact roller. So, where is the impact rolling technology applied? What is the scope of application of impact rolling construction?

1) Impact rolling of the airport runway and the crushing and reinforcement of the old runway;

2)Impact rolling of impact roller and compacting of hydraulic compactor for sea filling;

3)Impact rolling of impact roller and compacting of hydraulic compactor for reservoirs and dams.

4)Impact compaction of original foundation, without deep digging to reduce construction costs;

5)Stratified rolling of high filling stone roadbed;

6)The high filling earthwork uses the impact roller for stratified impact rolling and the detection enhanced pressure;

7)Designing stratified impact rolling of roadbed with a height of more than 1.5 m;

8)Abandoned construction waste is impact-rolled and reused by impact roller;

9)The old cement pavement is upgraded and modified by impact roller;

10)Old road widening or semi-filling and semi-cutting type roadbeds are impact-rolled by impact roller;

11)Impact compaction of waste such as fly ash;

12)High-speed rail has extremely high requirements for roadbeds settlement. Impact compaction technology of impact roller and hydraulic compactor is one of the effective methods to prevent roadbeds and foundation post-construction settlement.

With the great development of infrastructure construction, the popularization and application of impact roller crushing technology will be more and more, and its application range will become wider and wider.

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