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Customer accompanied services
For foreign visitors who come to China for the first time, Fullwon provide accompaniment service for the clients. Multilingual service is provided including English, Spanish, French. We
will provide a customized schedule according to the different requirement of the client. Hotel reservation, transportation service are also provided during the trip. We are very confident
that every visitor will be satisfied with his/her trip to China.
Consulting Service
China is regarded as one of the biggest suppliers in the world. From tiny to huge, here you can find different kinds of products. For those clients who intend to purchase from China,
Fullwon’s supply chain team will provide our professional suggestion based on our rich experience. We will offer our professional idea to make sure the purchased goods are the most
proper ones.
Sourcing Service
Based on our rich experience in exportation business, Fullwon provides sourcing service for our clients. We will help to deal with the whole process of the exportation including price
inquiry, contract confirmation, payment, goods inspection, logistics, customs clearance etc. Fullwon team has completed some cases including slaughter house sourcing, sewing
machines sourcing, customized windows sourcing etc. It will be so convenient if you enjoy our sourcing service to look for goods in China.

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