Logistics Service

Shanghai Fullwon International Logistics Co., Ltd. (“Fullwon Logistics” for short), a subsidiary of Shanghai Fullwon Industrial Co., Ltd., was established in November 2007.
Fullwon Logistics mainly offers international freight forwarding services through ocean shipping, air freight or road transport; general freight transport; cargo handling; customs
inspection brokerage; and warehousing (for cargo except for dangerous goods and those under special provisions).
Besides, it engages in the import and export of goods and technologies, and consulting services. Among above-mentioned businesses that only licensed companies can deal
in, Fullwon Logistics does have related licenses for them. In particular, Fullwon Logistics employs a group of experts who have been engaged in international logistics,
domestic logistics, and import and export trade for many years, and therefore it is able to provide customers with complete logistics services.

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