Company Profiles

Fullwon group was founded in 1999. Shanghai Fullwon Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fullwon) belongs to Fullwon group and established in 2003. Fullwon
cooperates with leading truck manufactures and suppliers of brand name VOLVO, RENAULT TRUCK, UD, SINOTRUCK and ISUZU. FULLWON is one of the leading truck
and construction equipment distributors and exporter in China.
In 2005, Fullwon opened the first authorized 4S flagship shop of RENAULT Truck in China.
In 2006, Fullwon became an authorized distributor of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (SINOTRUK) in China.
In 2007, set up brother company "Shanghai Fullwon International Logistics Co., Ltd." and FW Hong Kong branch office.
In 2008, Fullwon was authorized to be a large 4S distributor of Volvo trucks in China, which conforms to a new Asian standard.
In 2009, Fullwon was authorized to be a dealer of Dongfeng Nissan Diesel in China.
In 2010, Fullwon was authorized to be a 4S distributor of VOLVO construction equipments in China.
In 2012, Fullwon was authorized to be a 4S distributor of ISUZU truck in China.
In 2013, Fullwon eatablished FW Philippines subsidiary to open overseas markets in Asia and South-Pacific.
Focus on the oversea market development, Fullwon is the professional exporter for heavy duty trucks, construction equipments and spare parts in China. As the authorized
exporter for China National Heavy Duty Trucks(SINOTRUK), who can provide all types of SINOTRUK, customized trucks, all types of semi-trailers, and all brand of spare
parts.With the guideline of "Innovation, Responsibility, Efficiency, Care", and the service concept of "Fullwon group Offers Everlasting Service", the company is striving to
develop itself into a world's famous dealer who engages in diversified business, based on its innovations and constantly learning lessons from the past.