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What’s the Function of Water Tank Truck?

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Nowadays sprinklers become necessary for the cleanliness of the city. But do you know about the functions? It is a great time to share with you about the sprinkler.


Sprinkler application field

Sprinklers are mainly used in three main aspects: green spraying, engineering maintenance and dust cleaning. The sprinkler is suitable for all kinds of road surface washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, construction of roads, factories and mines, and high-altitude building flushing. It has the functions of watering, dusting, high and low level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, etc. It also has functions such as water transport, drainage and emergency fire fighting.

 Water Tank Truck

Sprinkler working principle

The basic composition of the sprinkler: anti-rust tank, power take-off, drive shaft, special self-priming sprinkler pump, pipe network, spray outlet, work platform, second-class chassis.

The sprinkler uses the engine power of the vehicle to drive the on-board sprinkler pump through the power take-off and adds water to the vehicle from the water inlet or pipes the water in the tank to each nozzle to realize various functions. Before the sprinkler pump works, the liquid stock in the pump must be higher than the pump shaft. Therefore, the pump inlet must be connected to an upwardly bent elbow and then connected to a horizontal pipe and quick joint. The quick joint center line must be higher than the pump shaft center line 300 mm. The inlet piping system must ensure that there is no air leakage; the suction head of the suction pipe must be submerged under water to prevent the air from being sucked into the water pipe; when the outlet pipe is connected to the pump outlet, the length of the straight pipe must be ≥200 mm and then the elbow is connected.

The sprinkler pump can function as a water absorption and pressurized drainage. The self-priming pump can directly suck the water from the pond into the tank or directly connect the water from the fire hydrant on the city street to inhale the water in the tank.



Sprinkler function

1. Cool down. Sprinkle water on the road when the weather is hot to reduce the temperature and protect the road surface, because the temperature is too high, the road will crack.

2. Dust removal. The road surface is dusty and the water can wet the dust, effectively preventing the dust from rising, thereby reducing air pollution.

3. Greening and gardening. The sprinkler shape of the water column can be adjusted into straight flush, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, etc. which can water the roadside flowers or wash the dust of trees.

4. Act as a fire truck in an emergency. The sprinkler comes with a high-pressure water cannon with a range of 40-50 meters, so it can be used for fire fighting in emergency situations. Its self-contained fire-fighting interface also provides greater convenience for water intake.

5. Transport water. China is located in multiple temperature zones, and the distribution of rainfall is extremely uneven. Coupled with factors such as abnormal weather, it causes drought in many places and drinking water for people and animals is more difficult. In this case, the sprinkler is temporarily used as a water truck. Therefore, the sprinkler is also called a water truck and a drought-resistant water truck.

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