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What’s the Development of American Truck?

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Overseas truck industry development

There are three major global truck products: European system, North American system, Asian system. European system is mainly in the European Community, mainly in Western Europe. North American system mainly includes the United States, Canada, mainly in the United States. Asian system, Japan, South Korea and China mainly included. 

Europe is one of the most mature truck markets in the world and one of the best in technology. In terms of competition, seven major international manufacturers such as Daimler, MAN, Volvo and Scania accounted for more than 96% of the total market share. It can be known from long-term statistical observations that the share of various manufacturers has basically stabilized.  

American truck development

The North American market is similar to the European market but is slightly different due to different customer needs.

From 2002 to 2011, heavy truck sales in the US market experienced volatility changes. Since 2007, the economic crisis has led to a sharp decline in US heavy-duty truck sales, resulting in a higher review growth rate. Since 2010, there has been a recovery in the US market. In 2011, the total sales volume of medium and heavy trucks was maintained around 250,000 units. US heavy-duty truck historical sales truck companies in the United States include Daimler, Naviska, Paka, Pitkal, and Western Star. In 2012, the total sales volume of heavy trucks in the US market was 160,000 units. From the competitive situation, six manufacturers such as Daimler, Naviska and Paka control about 90% of the market share and the share of each manufacturer is relatively stable, but the popular Scania brand in Europe is in the United States. The market share is almost zero. 

Heavy trucks in the US market are classified into three categories according to their use: long-distance transport vehicles, short-distance delivery vehicles, and special-purpose vehicles. In 2012, the highest sales volume of heavy trucks in the US market was long-distance transport vehicles, which accounted for approximately 68% of the market, followed by short-haul trucks. 

Reasons for the lack of American truck drivers

The income of American truck drivers is mostly calculated based on driving mileage, plus incentives and benefits. In 2018, the recovery of the US economy is creating a strong demand for trucks, but it is difficult for transportation companies to recruit enough drivers. Even if the annual salary reaches 80,000 US dollars, about 510,000 yuan, few people are willing to do it. So why do Americans don't want this job? 

The answer given by most people is simple: the lifestyle is boring, barely visible to the family, rarely bathed and rarely respected by car drivers, police or major retailers. Many people believe that the biggest obstacle is that this work does not have much impression in modern society and this view is difficult to change. In addition, many young people are worried that self-driving trucks will soon dominate the industry, leading to unemployment. So the number of young truck drivers is decreasing. All in all, the truck driver in the United States is now very large and has already reached the crisis in the transportation industry. 

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