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What is the Future Development of Trucks?

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Since the 1980s, American truck drivers have been a very popular occupation in the United States. They work hard but have high salaries. They can travel all over the country, even north to Canada, and south to Mexico to Central and South America. With the US economy basically maintaining a long-term growth trend, the United States has been plagued by the lack of labor, especially the shortage of demand for cargo trucks, especially long-distance transport cargo vehicles. So today we will talk about the topic of American truck drivers.


The working characteristics of American cargo truck drivers

According to the joint regulations of the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Transportation and Safety, drivers who are eligible for employment, such as a commercial vehicle driver's license, must be able to drive any heavy-duty trucks other than special vehicles. American cargo truck drivers belong to the high-income class among the American workers. The working hours are limited every day. It is strictly prohibited to work overtime according to the law, so the working conditions are better. The US Department of Labor's operating procedures for freight vehicle drivers are quite specific, standardized, and strict. The truck drivers who arrive at the port, airport, warehouse, or the customer's designated distribution center must check the fuel tanks carefully and carefully before leaving the vehicle. The amount of oil, detecting engine brakes, oil pipelines, clutches, front and rear lights, indicator lights, direction lights, driving window wipers, mirrors, seat belts, fire equipment and other on-board safety equipment are in normal working condition; freight vehicle drivers must Take necessary measures according to law to ensure the safety of loading, driving and unloading of goods. Anyone discovering that equipment, parts and other equipment on the vehicle are lost, missing, not in place, hidden dangers, etc., the freight vehicle must be dispatched to the company fleet dispatcher before driving. Timely reporting requires immediate resolution. If it is known that the crime is not reported, whether or not it causes a vicious consequence, once verified, the driver of the relevant freight vehicle will be punished according to law.

When the freight vehicle starts on the road, the driver must concentrate on preventing any traffic accidents. Most of the drivers of freight vehicles sit high and look far, which is convenient for optimizing lanes, controlling speed, pre-determining dangerous road conditions ahead and risks at any time, and ensuring driving safety. The United States uses information technology to continuously innovate the quality of safe work for truck drivers, especially long-haul truck drivers. For example, the Global Positioning System (GPS) dispatches freight vehicle drivers and corporate headquarters on highways, stations, terminals, airports and other places. The staff is closely linked to the real-time information about the dynamics of the freight vehicle, the driver's working condition, the accident trouble information, the driving direction and the route through the electronic transmission tracking system. The weather and the forward road conditions can be reported and shared synchronously through the electronic information system and the satellite positioning system. In particular, the truck driver can know and prepare for the emergency. The freight vehicle driver can easily and clearly contact the company's headquarters duty dispatching room to communicate on the train, the schedule, the driving direction and related business, technical, mechanical and personnel issues. The US Department of Transportation requires that freight vehicle drivers must carefully fill out and maintain detailed log records of their actions, so that in the event of traffic accidents and routine safety checks, professional safety technicians can quickly identify the cause of the accident and the condition of the freight vehicle.

Under normal circumstances, medium and long-distance freight truck drivers are responsible for driving most of the time, stopping the vehicle at the appropriate location designated by the customer, but sometimes it is necessary to take into account the supervision of the cargo handling of the vehicle, especially when carrying special cargo. The driver of the freight vehicle must always be present, signed and approved, and whether the cause of the cargo damage accident on the spot is related to the long-distance transportation itself or other reasons. After each day of work or after each trip, the driver of the freight vehicle must submit documents such as receipts, cost records and cargo handling reports to the company headquarters dispatching room or the operation management department, as well as the dynamics of the freight vehicle machinery, power units and related parts. The report, what is reported, what is not known, or it is dereliction of duty. 

Working conditions of American cargo truck drivers

Due to the continuous improvement of the automobile manufacturing level, the US freight vehicle has a high degree of automation operation, and the driver's seat is humanized and equipped with constant temperature air conditioner. Despite this, it is still very difficult and risky to work for a freight car driver who often needs to travel long distances. Not only do you have to control the car, but you also need to control the goods. The trip is always cautious, nervous and prone to fatigue. Therefore, at present, the development and design manufacturers of new types of freight vehicles in the United States are constantly improving the humanized design level of the automobile cab according to the requirements of the US Transportation Safety Management Department, and improving the work efficiency of long-distance freight vehicle drivers, while increasing the setting height. Technology reduces the incidence of driver fatigue driving accidents.

According to the regulations of the US Department of Transportation, the continuous working time of the driver of the freight vehicle must not exceed 11 hours. During the continuous working hours of the vehicle, no more than 14 hours, whether driving or not, must be rested for at least 10 hours before re-driving. The US traffic safety regulations also require that the driver of a freight vehicle drive for 60 hours in the past week or 70 hours in the past 8 days, and must rest for 34 consecutive hours before re-driving. The driver of the US freight vehicle must legally fill in the driving log of his driving time according to law, and let the police officers look at the scene at any time. If the work is really necessary and the task is urgent, the long-distance driver can appropriately extend the time of continuously driving the vehicle under the premise of ensuring safe driving, but it must be reported by the relevant department of the company or the police in advance to the police along the way, and must be unrestricted afterwards. After the rest time is compensated, you can drive again.

The long-distance freight vehicle driver's work is tedious and easy to fatigue. Driving on the road often does not distinguish between day and night, or even holidays, weekends, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The US state and federal government laws stipulate that the US freight vehicle driver must be trained and qualified to obtain the standard certification before driving on the road with a valid and valid driving license. There must be no current serious violations of the law on the driving documents. Any freight vehicle driver must strictly abide by US state and federal government laws and regulations. If the cargo vehicle carries dangerous goods, flammable or explosive materials, extremely dangerous drugs, radioactive materials, etc., it must apply in advance for the permit of transportation approved by the US Transportation Safety Administration, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal transportation. According to US law, drivers of freight vehicles carrying dangerous explosives, burning and other dangerous goods must go through innocent, unlawful violations, law-abiding, and pass-through preferred drivers; if incompetent drivers engage in dangerous goods vehicles Driving, the result of a major accident, the company responsible person will be held criminally responsible.

The income of American cargo truck drivers

According to the US Department of Labor, the American Freight Car Association, and the American Professional Freight Vehicle Pilot Research Center, the revenue of US freight vehicle drivers is mainly calculated based on their working hours. According to the May 2004 standard, the middle income of a heavy-duty freight vehicle or container trailer driver is 16.11 US dollars / hour, the highest can reach 20.09 ~ 24.07 US dollars / hour, the lowest is 12.67 US dollars / hour, fully reflecting more work and more the rules. The monthly income of long-distance freight truck drivers who work diligently, skillfully, hard-working, and mission-critical often exceeds the monthly income of the freight vehicle operating company, the director and the manager who often sit in the air-conditioned office, and rarely have upside down. Similar to the US port terminal first line loaders and dock tally staff, the income staff far exceeds the monthly income of the section chief, director and manager sitting in the company office.

According to the laws of the US state and the federal government, the salary of a freight vehicle driver is calculated according to his specific working time, and the method is similar to the American lawyer's fee method. Of course, its income accounting standards cannot be compared with American barristers. However, after the boss has deliberately requested, the American freight vehicle driver who agreed to arrange overtime work is entitled to overtime pay, night shift, and so on. Some US freight car companies calculate the driver's salary according to the distance traveled by the vehicle. Usually, the mileage is longer. The longer the driver's journey is, the more the driver's salary is. The starting salary standards of different types of freight vehicles are different, but the specifics are different. The method of calculating the salary must be stated when signing the salary contract with the driver in advance.

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