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The Importance of Maintaining the Loaders

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The Importance of Maintaining the Loaders

The daily maintenance of loaders is very important. 

Loader has a wide range of uses and strong applicability, which has been widely used in engineering construction, and has become the most common construction machinery in construction, and its production and sales volume ranks first among all kinds of construction machinery. Due to the application of loaders in the project, the development speed of loaders has been improved rapidly in recent years. The working environment of loaders is often bad, and the workload is large and the use time is long. The parts and components of loaders are vulnerable to loss, resulting in low economic losses. Therefore, the daily repair and maintenance of the machine can ensure the working condition and improve the working efficiency. What’s more, the necessary maintenance can effectively reduce the dense loss of the parts of the loader, ensure the working state of the loader and prolong its service life. The daily maintenance of the loader is to ensure that it is in a good working condition, prolong the service life repair cost of the loader and improve the production efficiency. In addition,  maintaining and protecting the loader according to the usage rate can effectively eliminate the hidden danger of safety in the construction of the loader, avoid the occurrence of safety events and  can also reduce the repair cost.

The Importance of Maintaining the Loaders

Below are some common faults of loaders:

1.The loader is working,but it is suddenly unable to work normally. It may be that the engine has suddenly stalled and the power is insufficient. 

2.There are abnormal sound when operating. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as engine failure, gearbox or torque converter, hydraulic system problems. When you hear an abnormal sound, you should stop checking immediately.

3.Overheating phenomenon of loader

The phenomenon of overheating of loaders is more likely to occur in summer, which is more obvious on engines, variable boxes, brakes and drive bridge. If the engine is overheated, the cooling system of the loader may have problems.

4. leakage in the loader

Leakage phenomenon is also a common problem, compared with other faults, this phenomenon is generally better to be observed. The reasons for the phenomenon  may be the added fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and so on. Once this kind of problem is found, the spare parts should be replaced as soon as possible.

Since it is indispensable to maintain and protect loaders, let us move on to some methods of the daily maintenance of loaders.

1. Check engine oil, tank water, transmission and diesel tank and working fuel tank.

2. Check tire pressure and shape.

3.check the control mechanism, signal equipment is in good condition.

4.check whether there is abnormal noise after the engine starts, whether each instrument works normally.

5.check whether there is oil leakage, air leakage.

6.check whether the transmission, torque converter, front and rear axle have overheating phenomenon.

7. check whether fasteners is loosening

8. Pay attention to the engine freezing after winter operation.

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