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Some Information about Telescoping Boom Crane

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Telescopic boom cranes are typically called hydraulic cranes. Its boom consists of a series of rectangular, trapezoidal or other symmetrical sections, which coordinate with each other.The largest segment, at the bottom of the boom, is called the base section or boom butt.The smallest section, at the top of the boom, is called the tip section or boom tip. In between there can be one or more sections called the first, second, and so forth, sections. With the boom fully retracted, the telescopic boom crane is highly maneuverable and easy to transport to jobsites.

And telescoping crane telescopic booms may be a pinned boom, full-powered boom, or a combination of both.  A "pinned boom" means sections are pinned in the extended or retracted position. A "full-powered boom" means sections extend or retract hydraulically.

Some models have a full-powered main boom with a pinned boom tip section. On a full-powered boom, the sections are extended and retracted (except for the base section) by hydraulic cylinders, called extension cylinders. The cylinders are mounted parallel to the boom center line within each section.

For most telescopic boom extensions, cylinders have sequential valves that allow segments (telescopes) to expand and contract by the same amount. These cranes usually have a single telescope control lever in the cab. However, on cranes not equipped with sequencing valves, the operator will have to extend each section equally. As a result, the crane cab will have two or three telescopic rods, and each rod can only control one part of the rod.

But this does not affect the advantages of telescopic crane itself. Taking its own performance as an example, it adopts mature boom technology and integrates plug-in boom head, embedded boom block and special telescopic mechanism to make the boom more stable and reliable. In this way, the layout of the whole machine is optimized, the bearing frame of the main bearing is more reasonable, and the lifting performance is better than that of products of the same tonnage.

Let's look at its stress design and its mass.  It adopts the box strut with large span, strong rigidity and good stability, as well as the use of boom telescopic technology, to create the most complete safety device system in the industry, to ensure safer and more reliable hoisting.In addition, it has many advantages, which are not explained here.

What about suspension cranes? Let's keep going. This kind of crane is mainly composed of trolley, upper and lower main beam, inside and outside arc end beam, trolley running mechanism, electrical equipment and ring power supply system. Crane industry is to meet the special needs of users of technological innovation products. The bridge frame composed of internal and external curved end beam and upper and lower retractable main beam is compact in structure, light in weight, beautiful and practical. The running mechanism of inner and outer ring with frequency conversion speed control, rotary guidance and differential speed coordination makes each mechanism run smoothly, safely and reliably. The working area of the crane is a circle whose inner and outer diameters are R2 and R1 respectively. The telescopic main beam can extend the outer ring in a special area to meet the special needs of customers. To meet the needs of customers has become one of the most important crane work, just as the function of telescoping crane.

In fact, no matter what kind of truck crane, to our life will bring convenience and help, make our life more beautiful.


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