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Safety Precautions for Tanker Truck Transportation

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Tanker Trailer is a special vehicle for transporting liquid oils such as gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene and lubricating oil. It is the most used vehicle in liquid tank truck. According to its function, it can be divided into two kinds: oil truck and Fuel truck. The oil truck is used to transport liquid oil. The fuel truck is equipped with a tanker on the basis of the oil truck.

With the steady development of national economy, the demand for oil in all walks of life is increasing, which makes the transportation of refined oil more routine and the delivery of oil tanker more intensive. At the same time, the safety problems existing in the transportation of refined oil are becoming more and more prominent, and the safety of refined oil transportation is urgent.

Fuel Tanker Trailer is mainly with explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive and radioactive hazard, have a certain potential hazards to our safety. To complete the transportation task is a strong and professional technical work, even a little problem taken in the transportation, can cause serious loss of life, property and environment. 

Dangers that may occur during transportation of tank trucks in special weather:

1. Visibility in foggy weather will be relatively low, seriously affecting the line of sight. In addition, if the condition inside is not very good and there is wet and slippery situation, the braking distance of the tanker will also be lengthened. Therefore, we need to increase the distance of the tanker in foggy weather, slow down and prevent emergencies to deal with for ourselves.

2. In snowy weather, the road surface will be easy to freeze. When the tanker truck drives on the icy road surface, the braking will not be controlled. It is easier to have irregular behavior such as turning around, skidding and so on.

3. In rainy weather, the road surface will be wet and slippery, and there will be more water on the road. Because the road surface is wet and slippery because of the impact of rainwater, the braking of the vehicle needs a longer distance, and driving the tanker car in rainy day, the driver's vision will be limited to a certain extent.

The following some suggestions are put forward for the safety precautions of the tanker truck transport process :

1.It must be dangerous goods transportation qualified drivers and supercargo.

2.The safety status and safety properties of dangerous goods transport vehicle should be qualified.

3.Pay attention to details when loading the goods. An oil spill in the tank truck storage container must be prevented. In the operation of loading and unloading oil products in the tanker truck, the leakage and overflow of oil should be removed in time.

4.In order to prevent fire accidents on oil tanker trucks, it is not allowed to knock on the parts of oil tanker with metal objects when the exhaust pipe and muffler are damaged, the pipeline leaks oil, the conductivity is very bad or breaks, so as to avoid sparks. Oil tanker trucks should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, and trailer chains and poles should be installed. When driving, the trailer chain should touch the ground; when refueling or discharging, the pole must be inserted into the wet ground.

5.Smoking and burning articles near tanker trucks are strictly prohibited.

6.Driving carefully and smoothly, vehicle check one the way and choose proper route and have proper driving time.

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