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Common Problems of Oil Tank truck

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Through the previous article, we learned about tank trucks, but do you know the common faults of tank trucks? How should we solve the problem? Let us follow this article to find the answer.

Failure analysis of tank truck

Engine deceleration and automatic flameout

When the engine is running, the accelerator pedal is released or the vehicle is automatically turned off when the vehicle is running. The fundamental reason is that the idle speed is not stable when the engine is not idling to idle, so the oil truck flame is immediately turned off. The specific reasons are the accelerator pedal failure; the crankshaft position sensor and the camshaft sensor signal are not synchronized; the fuel oil pressure is faulty; the control unit signal is incorrect; the injection timing is incorrect. It should be checked for changes in values from non-idling to idle.

Insufficient engine power or poor acceleration

The phenomenon of insufficient engine power is basically normal when the engine is running without load, but the acceleration is slow when the load is running, the uphill is weak, and the accelerator pedal is still under powered, and the maximum speed is not reached. The phenomenon of poor engine acceleration is that the engine speed cannot rise immediately after the accelerator pedal is depressed, there is hysteresis, or the engine has slight fluctuations during acceleration.

The reason for the oil truck lack of power and poor acceleration is that the fuel system oil pressure is too high or too low; the injector fuel injection is poor; the sensor signal is wrong; the fuel injection amount is too small; the injection timing is incorrect; the cylinder compression pressure is low; The exhaust pipe is blocked.


Engine can't start

There are many factors leading to the starting failure of the electronically controlled diesel engine, which generally shows that it cannot start and delay. The methods for oil truck checking and troubleshooting are as follows:

1. When starting, the starter does not turn, it should be checked according to the cause of the starting system failure. First check the battery storage and pole connection and contact; if it is normal, check the start line, fuse and ignition switch.

2.When starting, the engine speed is normal, but the engine does not start, the fuel injection system and the intake system should be inspected separately.

For an electronically controlled fuel injection engine, it is not necessary to step on the oil truck accelerator pedal when starting. If the accelerator pedal is fully depressed or repeatedly stepped on the accelerator pedal during starting to increase the fuel supply, the engine speed will increase instantaneously, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption of the engine. Disengage the throttle pedal harness so that the engine can enter idle speed, which indicates that the fault has occurred in the accelerator pedal.

3. Oil line inspection: Check the connection status of the truck oil pipe, the phenomenon of air intake and the quality of the fuel.  

4. Wire harness inspection: Whether the wire harness connection state is loose or the plug is not secure.

5. Sensor inspection: Check if the truck sensor is ineffective, the line is loose or broken, and the synchronization signal between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

6. Check the injector for control signals. If there is no control signal, check the fuses, wiring and ECU. If there is a control signal, check that the spray of the injector is normal.

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